Artistic Evolution: AI's Creative Revolution w/ Kevin Kelley - Part 1

Kris Krüg's MØTLEYKRÜG Podcast by Kris Krüg (KK)

Episode notes

Art and technology collide in this MØTLEYKRÜG episode. Join Kris Krüg for a conversation about the role of artificial intelligence in the artist's studio. We’ll explore the collision between creativity and code, shedding light on how AI can enhance the artistic process, automate tasks, and push the boundaries of human expression.

This isn't just a talk; it's a call to a new creative frontier. A world where machines don't replace artists but augment them, unlocking levels of artistic innovation previously unattainable. In this digital landscape, we're not afraid of what’s new or controversial. Together, we'll discover the 'Genius Machine'—a synergy between man and machine, embracing the future without losing the essence of art.


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