Goldilocks or a bull trap?

The Moses and Methuselah Podcast by Jonathan Davis & Peter Seilern

Episode notes


Peter and Jonathan take stock of the financial markets after the Federal Reserve raises interest rates yet again and debate the possible impact of artificial intelligence in the short and longer term.

00:32 - Nearing the end of the rate hike cycle?

02:54 - Indicators of a soft landing

06:43 - Increasing optimism

08:12 - The bond market in a soft landing

13:18 - A change in global financial conditions

17:21 - AI mania

22:39 - Positive real interest rates

24:54 - Close

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Jonathan Davis started his career as a financial journalist on UK national newspapers, including The Times and The Economist, before qualifying as a professional investor and moving into a new portfolio career as an author, columnist (for The  ... 

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