Mr Market Versus Central Banks

The Moses and Methuselah Podcast by Jonathan Davis & Peter Seilern

Episode notes


As central banks wrestle with the "trilemma" of balancing the risks of inflation, recession and financial stability, Jonathan and Peter debate whether the bond market is giving us an accurate taste of what is to come.

00:32 - The first six months of the year

03:33 - Pundits predicting the market

10:25 - Getting inflation wrong

15:53 - Bond market signals

19:51 - Pricing in a trilemma

24:37 - Close

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Jonathan Davis started his career as a financial journalist on UK national newspapers, including The Times and The Economist, before qualifying as a professional investor and moving into a new portfolio career as an author, columnist (for The Independent and Financial Times), publisher and investment strategist. He is curren ... 

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