Mosaic Ark

by Rachel Fulton Brown and Kilts Khalfan

A mystical exploration of the electric mosaic. Join Professor Rachel Fulton Brown and her co-host Kilts Khalfan on a magical journey through the mythology, symbolism, and poetic alchemy of our digital sensorium. Livestreams Wednesdays 9pmCT at Visit our website at DragonCommonRoom.c ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Over the Mountain

    Over the Mountain

    The professor scaled the moly mountain on an adventure in Colorado's Dividing Range, and in this episode regales the Ark with a tale of taking the high road to see our fellow drake Mel in her mountain home. But what happens when you get to the top and can't come down again? Join us for storytime, as RFB and Kilts discover why drivers on the Monarch Pass need guardrails, and why women need men in times of crisis. — Streamed September 27, 2023

  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror

    The Ark hosts a vigil for Kilts’s dead roosters, who died valiantly protecting their hens from the now infamous fox. So what happens in a world without roosters guarding the flock? In this episode the Professor and her grieving Goth challenge the audience to look at the mirror image of their own understanding, starting with the Barbies who have not been 'liberated' but have in fact simply been surviving the collapse of patriarchy. We take a turn towards the early church, and how the patriarchy of Alexandria challenged the imperial dogma of Arian Christianity to see Christ as both Human and God. And finally, we read from Peter Novick's book The Holocaust In American Life to see the aspect of this story that has defined Jewish identity in United States. Confused? Join us to look at image reversals and the formation of identity. —Streamed September 20, 2023

  • Conch Wars

    Conch Wars

    The Ark continues its meditations from Atomic Myths to reflect on the Conch Wars of Cancel Culture. Pausing to reflect on their meeting in Milo's Telegram chat room in a Lord of the Flies frenzy over who holds the conch, RFB expands on the power of speech over group behaviour. How does rhetoric influence people to go to war for Empire, as happened in Rome? Do the stories people tell about the imperial border wars really hold up against the reality of empire? Join us to see why stories set the course for empires, and why contesting imperial myths will get you cancelled. Beware the conch! —Streamed September 13, 2023

  • Atomic Myths

    Atomic Myths

    The Professor muses on her origin story in New Mexico’s enchanted land—the isthmus between the Anglo and Hispanic and native American cultures, and the border between the Holy Virgin and Oppenheimer’s bomb. What did the atomic explosion do to the imagination of the West? Does the theory of relativity have Westerners captivated in relativism and incapable of claiming that there is only one Truth? Could the Incarnation of God in Christ be the cure to the fear that was conjured at the Trinity Site in 1945? —Streamed September 6, 2023

  • “What Was I Made For?”

    “What Was I Made For?”

    The Ark pauses to reflect on the Professor’s post-Barbie realization that the Millennials are enduring a special kind of trauma. In the Roe v Wade Western world, every baby born was approved by somebody's choice. But what does this decision mean for Millennials who grew up wondering what they were made for? How has that generation developed in the knowledge that they were created "on demand"? Join us to reflect on the Millennial Mind, and what must happen to make life again. —Streamed August 23, 2023