Mosaic Ark

by Rachel Fulton Brown and Kilts Khalfan

A mystical exploration of the electric mosaic. Join Professor Rachel Fulton Brown and her co-host Kilts Khalfan on a magical journey through the mythology, symbolism, and poetic alchemy of our digital sensorium. Livestreams Wednesdays 9pmCT at Visit our website at for bios, video links, and stories in iambic pentameter.... 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E34 - 34 A Desire for Dragons

    S01 E34 - 34 A Desire for Dragons

    Are you ready to see behind the green curtain? RFB takes the Ark into the realm of Faërie, as we continue to discern the difference between the Girardian pair of Aztec human sacrifice and the Catholic Mass. Are Catholics simply do...

  • S01 E33 - Mimetic Monsters

    S01 E33 - Mimetic Monsters

    In the beginning there was... murder? RFB steers the Ark through Girardian Mimetic Rivalry, exploring the dynamics driving human Scapegoating. Flowing across themes from George Floyd to COVID to Cain and Abel to opioid addiction, ...

  • S01 E32 - Humans v Monsters

    S01 E32 - Humans v Monsters

    The Ark flips into the upside down, as we uncover the mechanism of René Girard's Mimetic Desire in driving the polarity of mob formation and culture wars. Have you ever wondered if you had a long lost evil twin somewhere? What wou...

  • S01 E31 - Demons of the Intersands

    S01 E31 - Demons of the Intersands

    What are you doing in the digital world without your flesh? RFB takes us with her to train in virtue, as we look at the internet conflict that feels at times like doing battle with demons. The professor and the pigeon talk about b...

  • S01 E30 - One and Only Queen

    S01 E30 - One and Only Queen

    The Ark heard that Professor Fulton Brown's contribution to the now infamous Trinity Intervention was completely forgotten by all the men, and so now liberated from needing to care at all what men think about us, we present an ove...