S2 E9 - Mormonism & Masonry Link Revealed? A Preview of Method Infinite

Mormon Book Reviews Podcast by Steven Pynakker

Episode notes

On the lastest episode of Mormon Book Reviews, the book "Method Infinite: Freemasonry and The Mormon Restoration" by Cheryl Bruno, Joe Steve Swick, and Nicholas Literski is previewed! I was sent a preview copy of the book by it's publisher Greg Kofford Books. I have been able to read parts of it and the book is groundbreaking and awesome! After discussing the contents of it with my producer Anthony Virella (who did an awesome job in the post production of this video) we decided to produce a special spoiler free sneak preview of the publication. This will be the start of my Mormonism & Masonry Summer series. In addition to having on Mormon scholar and Freemason Jason Smith (tomorrow night's interview), I will also have on some of the authors of Method Infinte on in the lead up to the Aug. 9th release. Please click on the link in the descriptio ... 

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