E07 - Understanding Desistance as a Process with Dr. Audrey Hickert

More Life: The Reentry Podcast by VanKevia Garner
Dr. Audrey Hickert joined the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2019 after completing her PhD at the University of Albany (SUNY). Her research interests span post-conviction justice interventions, with a focus on understanding the mechanisms that affect life-course trajectories. In this episode, the focus of the conversation w  ...  See more
Jun 07 2022

VanKevia: Hi. Welcome to More Life: The Reentry Podcast, a podcast about offender reentry, reform, and advocacy. I'm your host, VanKevia Garner. Thank you for joining me today. In this episode, we'll be discussing the topic of desistance and break down what that means and give you a better understanding of just the concept in general. With me today, I have Dr. Audrey Hickert. She is an SIU Carbondale faculty member. She received her PhD at the University of Albany, where her dissertation examined confinement as a setting for change using data from the Netherlands. Prior to that, she conducted program and policy analysis for 11 years at the Utah Criminal Justice Center, where she was able to collaborate with a lot of justice stakeholders at jails, prisons, community corrections and several

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