Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches

by Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Blast off to adventure in Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches! This fully produced audio drama series explores the world and characters of Moonbreaker, the brand new digital tabletop strategy game by Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Subnautica, Natural Selection) and from the mind of acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson (The Mistborn Series). Experience the Reaches through a series of unique stories that feature a diverse cast of ch ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 4 - Xuna's Story

    Episode 4 - Xuna's Story

    Embark on a journey to restore what was lost in Xuna’s Story, Episode 4 of Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches. After a heist gone wrong, Xuna is on a mission to uncover a formidable power. With passionate determination, Xuna and her self-made drone team set out to break into a Cholek temple crypt. Of course, the best laid plans ... often go awry. Featuring a multi-faceted cast of characters led by the sublime voice talent of Jeannie Tirado, Xuna’s Story tells a moving and empowering tale of life after loss.

  • Episode 3 - Astra's Story

    Episode 3 - Astra's Story

    Dig deeper into the lore of the Reaches with Episode 3 of Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches – Astra’s Story. When a dangerous prisoner is brought to the Methedori Academy, Astra’s curiosity becomes a catalyst for an adventure that will alter her course and maybe her whole destiny. Starring Khaya Fraites, and featuring an outstanding cast of new and familiar characters, Astra’s Story is a fun and endearing reminder that things aren’t always as they seem.

  • Episode 2 - Zax's Story

    Episode 2 - Zax's Story

    The saga of the Reaches continues with Zax’s Story, Episode 2 of Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches. It’s all fun and games until you blow yourself up robbing a casino. But for Zax Ja’kar, death is merely the beginning of his story. Featuring the suave vocal talents of Matthew Mercer and a top tier supporting cast, Zax’s Story combines charm, wit, action, and everything else a recently departed, roguish ghost-drone can improvise.

  • Episode 1 - Extilior's Story

    Episode 1 - Extilior's Story

    Death has arrived in Extilior’s Story, the first episode of Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches. When a group of raiders attack a moon in search of a powerful weapon, only Extilior, a reformed Methedori Death Bot with his own code of honor, stands in their way. Featuring an eclectic and diverse cast of characters led by legendary actor JB Blanc, Extilior’s Story blasts off into Moonbreaker’s fantastical world and sets a course for future adventures in the series.

  • Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches Trailer


    Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches Trailer


    Welcome to the Reaches, an extraordinary solar system filled with fascinating moons glowing with precious Cinder and animated with rich cultures! These are the stories of Moonbreaker, the new digital miniatures game from Unknown Worlds. Your adventure into the Reaches begins with Extilior's Story, launching on September 29, 2022 alongside Moonbreaker Early Access on Steam. Subscribe and stay tuned for new Episodes, each with an eclectic and diverse cast of characters voiced by professional industry talent. Moonbreaker: Tales from the Reaches is available for free in-game or on all major podcast platforms.