Timeless Wedding Florals with Corie May Creations

Montana Wedding Talk by Montana Wedding Talk

Episode notes

In this episode of Montana Wedding Talk, host Erika sits down with Corrina Nagel, the talented creator behind Corie May Creations. Specializing in "forever" florals such as wood, silk, and lings, Corrina shares her expertise and passion for crafting beautiful and enduring floral arrangements for weddings.

Key Points:

  1. Introduction to Corie May Creations
    • Corrina introduces herself and explains the inspiration behind Corie May Creations, emphasizing her dedication to creating lasting floral arrangements.
  2. Specializing in Forever Florals
    • The episode delves into Corrina’s specialty of using materials like wood, silk, and lings to create "forever" florals. She discusses the benefits of these materials, including their durability and versatility.
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