Capturing Intimacy and Beauty with Lunaria Boudoir Photography

Montana Wedding Talk by Montana Wedding Talk

Episode notes

In this episode of Montana Wedding Solutions Podcast, host Erika Sherek is joined by Sabra Head from Lunaria Boudoir Photography. They explore the art of capturing intimacy and beauty through boudoir photography.

Introduction to Lunaria Boudoir Photography

  • Sabra introduces herself and shares her passion for boudoir photography, highlighting its unique ability to capture intimacy and beauty.

Boudoir Photography Style and Approach

  • Sabra discusses her style and approach to boudoir photography, emphasizing the importance of creating a comfortable and empowering environment for her clients.

Empowering Women

  • Through anecdotes and examples, Sabra shares how boudoir photography can empower women by helping them see their beauty and str ... 
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