Capturing Epic Love Stories: A Conversation with Scenic Vows Adventure Elopement Photography

Montana Wedding Talk by Montana Wedding Talk

Episode notes

In this episode we talk to Becky and Brian at Scenic Vows Adventure Elopement Photography. Scenic Vows specializes in capturing epic adventure elopements in Montana and beyond.

  • Becky and Brian share the inspiration behind starting Scenic Vows Adventure Elopement Photography and how they discovered their passion for capturing elopements in the great outdoors.
  • We discuss the unique challenges and rewards of photographing elopements in remote locations and how Scenic Vows ensures that every couple's love story is beautifully captured.
  • Becky and Brian share some of their favorite elopement stories and the most memorable moments they've captured.
  • We explore the role of adventure and nature in enhancing the overall wedding experience and how couples can incorporate these elements into their special day.
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