Future of Mobility is Connected, Automated and Decentralized | Sophia Rödiger

Mobility Innovators Podcast by Mobility Innovators

Episode notes

Digital technologies are currently remodeling the public transit ecosystem. Blockchain technologies are changing the world and becoming more mainstream. The opportunity of an increasing number of decentralized applications running in peer-to-peer networks needs to be understood by the various stakeholders involved in the process. Being a new technology, it is difficult to find dedicated use cases of using blockchain technology in the mobility sector. However, there are several examples where blockchain can potentially be used for selected public transit services including decentralized MaaS, smart contracts, asset management, carbon trading, workforce management, and supply chain and logistics.

Sophia Rödiger, is the founder and CEO of bloXmove, the decentralized ledger for Power & Mobility. She is a business psychologist, author and ha ... 

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