Making Manchester Fairer

by Manchester City Council

Spotlight on health, wealth and key social issues that affect life chances - as Manchester squares up to inequality.

Podcast episodes

  • Leadership and connection with communities

    Leadership and connection with communities

    As more than 60% of Manchester's school-aged children and young people are from Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic backgrounds our guests discuss the importance of diversity in leadership. Sharmila Kar - Joint Director – Equality & Engagement (Manchester Locality/Manchester City Council) Shefali Kapoor - Director of Communities, Manchester City Council Dr Cordelle Ofori- Deputy Director of Public Health, Manchester City Council

  • Cost of Living - Food support

    Cost of Living - Food support

    Food is the most basic human need - but how does the current cost of living crisis affect families and also widen health and cultural inequalities? And, how does sharing food make other health discussions more palatable? We discuss in Manchester.

  • The Best Start in Life

    The Best Start in Life

    How one primary school in Wythenshawe is benefiting from a unique programme to help with post-pandemic delays in early years learning, while helping families and carers at the same time. Features teachers Claire Buxton and Neil Jones from Haveley Hey Community School in Wythenshawe and Dr Cordelle Ofori from Manchester’s public health team.