My Life In Miniatures - An Introduction

My Life In Miniatures by John Ashton

Episode notes

Hey there! Welcome to My Life In Miniatures. This is the introduction where I tell you, in a long-winded, confused and rambling way all about what the series is going to look like and sound like. Special thanks to the Police Siren that interrupted the recording but it was the best version I had of this. And while the episode is tagged as "explicit", that's just because I dropped the f-bomb once - otherwise it's all wholesome content.

If you like the sound of where this is going, you can subscribe and be notified when the first full episode drops, which should be within a couple of weeks of this going live. Fingers crossed. No promises. But it will be soon!

In My Life In Miniatures (or MLIM for short) I will, each week, talk to a different guest about their own journey through tabletop gaming, miniature painting and the hobby in gener ... 

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