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Discover 'MITA Unshackled' – Voted Cannabis Podcast of the Year! Immerse yourself in a podcast that is enriching the community's understanding of the emerging global cannabis industry. Explore insights into brands, licensing structures, business strategies, influential personalities, and key themes that shape this dynamic and evolving landscape. Tune in for an award-winning journey into the heart of the cannabis world!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • The Potential of Revenant with Football Legend Jim McMahon

    The Potential of Revenant with Football Legend Jim McMahon

    In this episode, the hosts discuss a range of topics related to cannabis, including the green agenda, social justice, medicine, and the economic potential of the cannabis industry. The conversation touches on issues such as the Safe Banking Act, the economic impact of cannabis, and the potential for job creation and manufacturing in the United States. The hosts are joined by Jim McMahon, and Kyle Turley from Revenant, a cannabis brand. They talk about Revenant's mission, its association with MITA, and its expansion into various states, with a focus on Arizona. The discussion also delves into the challenges of navigating different regulations in various states and the impact of cannabis on veterans, including efforts to educate them about the benefits of cannabis. Jim and the hosts express their support for the Cannabis Freedom Party, a political party they are creating to bring attention to cannabis-related issues and challenge the two-party system. They discuss the need for cannabis users to unite and advocate for changes in regulations, taxation, and the overall normalization of cannabis. Throughout the episode, the hosts share their passion for cannabis and their belief in its potential to contribute positively to various aspects of society. The conversation concludes with a lighthearted note about having a "safety meeting" and encourages listeners to check out Revenant on social media platforms. Guest Kyle Turley Guest Football Legend Jim McMahon James Robert McMahon Jr. (born August 21, 1959) is an American former football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 15 seasons, most notably with the Chicago Bears. McMahon played college football for the BYU Cougars, winning the Davey O'Brien Award and the Sammy Baugh Trophy as a senior. Sponsored by: Curaleaf: Dime Industries: Dope SEO: Policy Quake: Executive Producer: Eric Williamson

  • Big Mike & Jeff Whipple Discuss the Impact of CCI Black Book on Cannabis

    Big Mike & Jeff Whipple Discuss the Impact of CCI Black Book on Cannabis

    In this podcast episode, "Big Mike" and Jeff Whipple discuss the significance of the CCI Black Book in the cannabis industry. The Black Book serves as a comprehensive guide for cultivation, addressing challenges and providing insights into growing premium cannabis at scale. They emphasize the importance of bridging the gap between traditional growers and corporate entities, fostering collaboration and mutual respect. Jeff shares details about the Whipple Effect process, managing 5,000 lights and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various cultivation methods. They delve into the collaboration between Whipple Effect and Advanced Nutrients, highlighting the expertise each brings to the table. The hosts recount their experiences at MJBizCon 2023, reflecting on memorable moments such as being on stage for an advocacy presentation and participating in a podcast with Cannabis Talk 101. The episode touches on gratitude meetings, the evolution of the cannabis industry, and the legacy of Advanced Nutrients. Towards the end, they discuss the challenges of merging legacy and corporate cultures, emphasizing the need for collaboration and understanding. The conversation concludes with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities and experiences shared. "Big Mike" expresses gratitude for Jeff and the partnership, while Jeff acknowledges the mentorship and teachings from "Big Mike." To connect with them, listeners can visit for Advanced Nutrients and or for Whipple Effect. The hosts look forward to continued success and growth in the cannabis industry, with plans for future projects and events. Hosts Demitri Downing & Max Juhasz Guest "Big Mike" Guests Jack Whipple Sponsored by: Curaleaf: Dime Industries: Dope SEO: Policy Quake: Executive Producer: Eric Williamson

  • Wisconsin Cannabis Law Update

    Wisconsin Cannabis Law Update

    In this episode of the award-winning MITA "Unshackled" podcast, hosts celebrate their recognition as the best podcast in the industry at MJ BizCon 2023. The conversation takes a serious turn as they discuss the unexpected support from indigenous tribes for the cannabis industry, particularly in states like Wisconsin, where the need for medicinal cannabis is urgent due to the opioid crisis disproportionately affecting indigenous communities. Two guests, Jeff Lito and Rob Perro, share their experiences in the cannabis landscape in Wisconsin. Jeff, an owner of a flexible packaging facility near Milwaukee, sheds light on the challenges of recycling cannabis packaging. Despite the availability of recyclable and compostable options, legal restrictions on transporting cannabis across state lines hinder the recycling process. The hosts and guests explore the complexities of this issue and its impact on sustainability efforts. Rob, a hemp producer and founder of a non-profit organization, provides insights into the current state of the legal cannabis market in Wisconsin. With a pro-cannabis governor and anti-cannabis legislature, the cannabis industry in the state faces significant challenges, reminiscent of a "grinding gears" scenario. The hosts and guests discuss the nuances of hemp-derived cannabinoids' legality and the obstacles in establishing a regulated market. The conversation delves into the slow progression toward medical cannabis legalization in Wisconsin, with predictions ranging from five to seven years. The guests express concerns about the lack of compliance and public safety in the current hemp-derived cannabinoids market, highlighting the need for transparency and proper regulations. The episode concludes with a shift in focus to Jeff's expertise in recycling packaging and its potential impact on the cannabis industry. The hosts explore the challenges faced by recycling facilities due to legal restrictions and discuss potential solutions, emphasizing the importance of federal legalization to address these issues. As the podcast provides a platform for industry professionals to share their expertise and insights, it remains committed to educating listeners about the evolving cannabis landscape and its impact on various sectors, from indigenous communities to sustainability efforts. Hosts Demitri Downing Max Juhasz Guest Jeff Leto Rob Perro Sponsored by: Curaleaf: Dime Industries: Dope SEO: Policy Quake: Executive Producer: Destinee Blanco

  • The Future of Cannabis Business

    The Future of Cannabis Business

    The podcast summary captures a conversation at MJBizCon 2023 between hosts and guests. The hosts discuss their experiences at the event, emphasizing the shift towards quality interactions with knowledgeable industry professionals. The focus is on the cannabis industry, with guests George Stanchev, CEO of Pure5 Extraction, and Mike Amudo from the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. George Stanchev talks about Pure5 Extraction's technology for creating a super-smooth vape, emphasizing a gourmet approach to the cannabis industry with strain-specific profiles. Mike Amudo discusses his advocacy work and the Equity Workshop Tour under the Minority Cannabis Business Association. The hosts and guests share their experiences at MJBizCon, discussing parties, networking, and the evolving nature of the industry. They highlight the importance of collaboration and look ahead to the future of the cannabis industry, predicting a trend towards boutique products and a focus on unique experiences. The podcast closes with a motivational segment, with guests offering insights and advice for navigating the cannabis industry, emphasizing the need for open-mindedness and making choices that work for individual strengths. The hosts express their excitement for the future and encourage collaboration in the industry. Host Demitri Downing & Max Juhasz Guests George Stantchev Guest Mike Lomuto Sponsored by: Curaleaf: Dime Industries: Dope SEO: Policy Quake: Executive Producer: Destinee Blanco

  • Italy Cannabis Law Updates: Are they trying to classify CBD as a narcotic?

    Italy Cannabis Law Updates: Are they trying to classify CBD as a narcotic?

    The conversation features Claudia, an expert on cannabis licensing and regulations in Italy, discussing the current state of the cannabis industry in the country. The focus is on the government's control, with the military holding the license for THC production. Claudia explains the complexities of the Italian market, including the recent push to regulate CBD as a pharmaceutical product. She highlights the potential for investors and entrepreneurs in Italy, especially in the medical cannabis sector, which is government-supported and covered by the healthcare system. The discussion also touches on hemp cultivation, the challenges with hot hemp, and the future prospects for the industry in Italy. Overall, Claudia provides valuable insights into the Italian cannabis landscape and its unique regulatory framework. Hosts Demitri Downing & Max Juhasz Video Version: Guest Claudia Della Mora Sponsored by: Curaleaf: Dime Industries: Dope SEO: Policy Quake: Executive Producer: Destinee Blanco