Missing Molly

by Kimberly Lo

In Dec 2017, Charlottesville woman Molly Miller was reported missing. Three days later, her body was found in her own home and the death was declared a suicide. What happened? 

Podcast episodes

  • E08 - Major Update-Summer 2021

    E08 - Major Update-Summer 2021

    The hosts discuss the death of a past interviewee.

  • E05 - Down the Rabbit Hole

    E05 - Down the Rabbit Hole Explicit

    In this episode, the two producers discuss the various rabbit holes they went down as they conducted their investigation including an enigmatic individual who claimed to have information about the case before eventually falling si...

  • The Friends

    The Friends

    The producers discuss in detail Molly's circle of friends as well as address a common listener question: Did anyone in this group engage in or was a victim of trafficking?

  • Follow Up to "Rabbit Hole"

    Follow Up to "Rabbit Hole"

    The producers answer questions about the previous episode.

  • Update: More Questions, Some Answers

    Update: More Questions, Some Answers

    The host and producer of "Missing Molly" discuss new information and new questions regarding the Molly Miller case.