Mind Your Business Podcast

by Emily Lyons

Hi, I’m Emily Lyons and I think all inspiring people are inspired people. Being a businesswoman, CEO, serial entrepreneur, survivor, and general life enthusiast - I’m endlessly jazzed by the business of life, especially the stories of extraordinary people I’ve had the privilege to meet. I don’t think it’s fair to keep that privilege to myself and I think you deserve to be utterly lifted and shifted by these people too. What sor ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Revolutionizing Business with John Griffin

    Revolutionizing Business with John Griffin

    Prepare for a game-changing conversation in the latest episode of Mind Your Business as I sit down with the influential figure in the world of business, John Griffin. While he may not be your traditional entrepreneur, John's impact on the corporate landscape has been nothing short of revolutionary.In this episode, we delve deep into the strategies, principles, and insights that have made John a trailblazer in business. Join us as we explore the art of innovation, the secrets to sustaining success, and the keys to staying ahead in a competitive marketplace.John Griffin's journey with Sterling Capital Brokers is a testament to what's possible when visionary leadership meets strategic execution. Discover how he and Sterling Capital Brokers have consistently pushed the boundaries of what's achievable in the business world.Whether you're an aspiring leader, a seasoned executive, or simply someone curious about the inner workings of remarkable enterprises, this episode is your ticket to gaining fresh perspectives and actionable ideas.Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!To learn more about Sterling Capital Brokers, visit their website at https://www.sterlingcapitalbrokers.com/.

  • Think Like a Millionaire: Rewiring Your Mindset for Success

    Think Like a Millionaire: Rewiring Your Mindset for Success

    Welcome back to Mind Your Business with me, Emily Lyons, and I'm thrilled to kick off Season 2 with a solo episode that dives deep into the Millionaire Mindset!In this premiere episode, it's just you and me as we explore the transformative power of thinking like a millionaire. Whether you've been following the podcast from the beginning or if this is your first time tuning in, this episode sets the stage for an incredible season filled with personal development, entrepreneurial insights, and financial success stories.So, let's dive right in!Please be sure to check out my new exclusive membership platform for more content at www.msemilylyons.com/lyonsden

  • Unlocking the Power of Social Media with Bobby Del Rio

    Unlocking the Power of Social Media with Bobby Del Rio

    Get ready for an explosive episode of Mind Your Business as we welcome the one and only Bobby Del Rio, TV host extraordinaire! Bobby reveals the secrets behind his social media success and shares his insider tips on how YOU can leverage the power of social media to skyrocket your career. But that's not all! Our Lyons Den members will have exclusive access to an extended video version of this electrifying interview. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights, join the den now at jointhelyonsden.com

  • Feeling Behind In Your Life? Listen To This.

    Feeling Behind In Your Life? Listen To This.

    In this episode of Mind Your Business, I'll be discussing the feeling of being behind in life. I'll be exploring the various reasons why we may feel this way, from comparing ourselves to others on social media to feeling overwhelmed by the fast pace of the world. I'll also be sharing some tips and strategies for overcoming this feeling, including setting realistic goals and focusing on the present moment. Whether you're feeling behind in your career, relationships, or personal goals, this episode offers practical advice and inspiration to help you get back on track. Tune in and discover how to move forward!

  • How To Show Up When You Feel Down

    How To Show Up When You Feel Down

    When you're feeling down, it can be tough to get out of bed in the morning and face the world, let alone work hard. It can be tempting to try and "fake it" until you feel better. But is this really the best strategy? How can you show up for yourself, and your dreams, when you're struggling?By recognizing your feelings and taking action, you will empower yourself to move forward with more confidence and clarity. This will set the stage for authentic connections, meaningful experiences, and a greater sense of wellbeing. In this episode I share how I show up, especially when I feel like I can't.