A Journey of Identity and Healing: Farah Flisher's Path to Equanimity

The Militant Grind Show by Sherman Perryman

Episode notes

Get ready for an enlightening and heartwarming episode of the "Militant Grind Podcast" as host Sherman Perryman engages in a profound conversation with the exceptional guest, Farah Flisher. Born in London but raised in North India, Farah's unique upbringing in a multicultural environment shaped her into a British national with an Indian heart. She seamlessly embraces the different facets of her identity and considers herself a citizen of the world, effortlessly straddling various cultures and geographies. In this episode, listeners will be captivated by Farah's extraordinary journey, both in her career and personal life. With over thirty years of experience in the banking industry, Farah's career has spanned continents, taking her on a remarkable professional journey. However, it's Farah's personal journey that takes center stage in this conversa ... 

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