S01 E14 - How I got my diagnosis

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

I have been asked to do a show where I explain how I got my diagnosis. Also I share my thoughts on England's chances at the world Cup and share my latest poem.

Nov 21 2022

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Hello, how's everyone doing? Welcome to the next show. On today's show, predominantly,

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I'm going to talk about something that I've been asked actually to do a show on. So I'm

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going to and I'm going to be discussing how I actually got my diagnosis. I'm also, towards

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the end, just a basic bit of chit chat, if you like, and I've actually written another

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poem. So I'm going to share that with you towards the end, if that's okay. It's gone

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down quite well, actually, on my Instagram and TikTok. So I'll share that with yourselves

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and yeah, see what you think of it. But th

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