Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E106 - Moonfall

    S01 E106 - Moonfall

    The best moon being a villain movie of all time. With Brandon Stewart

  • S01 E105 - Simon Sez

    S01 E105 - Simon SezExplicit

    Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook together at last. Special guest Cody Tucker

  • S01 E104 - Indecent Proposal

    S01 E104 - Indecent ProposalExplicit

    Would you let your wife sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars? Probably, he's been in a lot of good movies. With Mason Le Compte

  • S01 E103 - Weekend at Bernie's 2

    S01 E103 - Weekend at Bernie's 2Explicit

    The weirdest sequel of all time. With Nicholas Rice

  • S01 E102 - Body of Evidence

    S01 E102 - Body of EvidenceExplicit

    Ever wonder what it'd be like if Willem Dafoe and Madonna had sex? Yeah.....me neither. With Milton Granadillo