Fireside Chats

by Montana Fire Pits

Welcome to Fireside Chats by Montana Fire Pits, the ultimate destination for outdoor living enthusiasts and design aficionados! In each episode, we embark on a journey into the world of outdoor living trends, with a particular focus on the epitome of elegance and warmth—high-end fire designs. Join us as we explore the latest and most exquisite fire pit creations, sharing insights, expert interviews, and insider tips on how t ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Planning a Backyard Improvement Project

    Planning a Backyard Improvement Project

    In this podcast episode titled "Planning a Backyard Improvement Project," we dive into the essential considerations for planning an outdoor renovation project with a fire feature as the centerpiece. We begin by emphasizing the importance of determining your design "vibe" and considering factors such as aesthetics, functionality, and theme alignment. Assessing your outdoor space and selecting the ideal location for the fire feature are crucial steps, taking into account dimensions, existing features, and safety considerations. We talk about fire ignition types including match lit, battery powered, and electronic ignition.

  • Ep 1 - The Secrets of Propane Tank Concealment

    Ep 1 - The Secrets of Propane Tank Concealment

    By far one of the most common questions we get is this… can I put a propane tank INSIDE of my fire pit or fire feature. We get it, often times you have a finished patio and you do not want to dig up concrete or hardscape to burry a gas line. Don't fret; we have some ideas for you.