by Meowcore

The podcast where I, Lora, show my cool friend Panya the music that I love (mostly hard rock and heavy metal). And in return she tells me about her five cats and about the books she's read.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 3 - In This Moment

    Episode 3 - In This Moment

    We listen to: 1) Sexual Hallucination, 2) Black Widow, studio version, 3) Black Widow live in Japan, 2016, 4) Sick Like Me, 5) The In-between, 6) The Purge. Panya tells us the story of her youngest kitten, Jana. This episode’s book author recommendation: Brandon Sanderson. We muse on the difference between literary and metal fandoms.

  • Episode 2 - Led Zeppelin

    Episode 2 - Led Zeppelin

    We listen to: 1) Thank You; 2) Immigrant Song; 3) Black Dog; 4) Over the Hills and Far Away; 5) The Ocean; 6) Big Love (Robert Plant); 7) Heart in Your Heart (Page+Plant); 8) When the World Was Young (Page+Plant)Panya gives us a kitty update, and talks about this episode’s book recommendation: David Weber’s Honor Harrington series.

  • Episode 1 - Black Sabbath

    Episode 1 - Black Sabbath

    We begin with the basics. We listen to songs from the Ozzy and Dio eras, from N.I.B. to Bible Black. I find out what a nib is, and we talk about health and safety at the metal factory and religious guilt. Panya describes the cat situation at her house. Does your cat follow you into the bathroom? Songs: 1) NIB; 2) Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; 3) Solitude; 4) War Pigs; 5) Children of the Sea; 6) Heaven and Hell; 7) Follow the Tears; 8) Bible Black