Episode notes
There are so many ways you may be qualifying for who you're here to be and what you're here to have..through needing to feel a certain way, through having a certain morning routine, through speaking a certain way, through healing a certain way blah blah blah..Instead of igniting ways of inadequacy, agree to the existence devoted to you. Allow the who you belong to to see you through what you don't instead of putting yourself through the Insulting qualifying, see how life responds..let's chat;)Come coach with me🎉1:1 OPEN🎉SEAMLES 6 WEEKS-> This is for giving into your 'who' and revealing the existence you belong to.-> This will simplify and reveal who YOUR world responds to right now and how to navigate resistance.-> You'll OOZE in this container because being your 'True Self' is supposed to feel delicious, igniting, + permissioning and if  ...   ...  Read more