Episode notes

Welcome to the third episode of ‘Cultural Obsessions’, a series organised for Meltemi Podcast, the official podcast for La Piccioletta Barca magazine.

In this episode, Eleonora speaks to Eponine Howarth on one of her Cultural Obsessions: diplomat, writer, film director and World War Two pilot, Romain Gary. Born in Vilnus in 1914, Romain Gary moved to France as a teenager. A master of multiple personae, he was a decorated hero of the French resistance, worked in the French diplomatic service, became acquainted with Hollywood while Consul General in Los Angeles, and is the only author to have won the prestigious French literature award, the Prix Goncourt, twice (impossible according to the rules).

We will discuss one of Eponine’s favourite novels, ‘The Talent Scout’. The story is set in an imaginary South American country  ... 

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