by Yvette Schmitter and Ericka Shoulars

The Melanin Pearls Podcast features two very successful corporate executives, Yvette Schmitter and Ericka Shoulars, diving deep into discussions with their village on how to visualize your best self and show up as her as well as life tested frameworks to transform your life while paying it forward. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E40 - Black Excellence Spotlight: Niani Skinner, FDNY

    S03 E40 - Black Excellence Spotlight: Niani Skinner, FDNY

    In this episode, we will shine a light on Niani Skinner who joined the ranks of FDNY in 2019. There are more than 11,000 firefighters and fire officers in the New York Fire Department, making it the nation’s largest. Black women h...

  • S03 E39 - Your Tribe

    S03 E39 - Your Tribe

    In this episode, Yvette and Ericka discuss the importance of your tribe, building your tribe, how it evolves and the varying roles people play. It’s important to note, your tribe is not you “squad.” Your tribe is a small group of ...

  • S03 E38 - Doing It All

    S03 E38 - Doing It All

    In this episode, Yvette and Ericka tackle the elusive question of “how can you do it all?” But it’s more about not doing it ALL but doing the right things for you. Stephen Covey reminds us that learning to choose well in a world ...

  • S03 E37 - Supremely Qualified

    S03 E37 - Supremely Qualified

    The confirmation hearings of Judge Jackson highlighted what highly qualified Black women go through every single day in the workplace. Hostility and devalued for the breadth and depth of experience, and talent they bring. This epi...

  • S03 E36 - The Only

    S03 E36 - The Only

    Being 'The Only Woman In The Room' is not the same as being the only Black woman in the room - while all women can face sexist discrimination at work, the stakes for Black women have always been much higher. In this episode, Yvett...