The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

by Adrian Au

The Meaningful Jobs Podcast is started by the AI for HR and Business Executives networking group (AIHRB)

In our podcast, we invite accomplished CEOs, company executives, professionals and business owners to share their stories of becoming successful in their careers, and their perspectives on the meaning of work aside from money, and how to enhance productivity at work!

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Self-reflection & Wisdom - Career Interview with the Chief People Officer of Group M

    Self-reflection & Wisdom - Career Interview with the Chief People Officer of Group M

    Follow The Meaningful Jobs Podcast and learn more about The Life-solvers Group Ltd. - We host career fairs & are a personal/employer branding consultancy: Learn More about Job Openings at Group M: Introduction: Welcome to The Meaningful Jobs Podcast. In this insightful episode, we are joined by Federico Demarin, the Chief People Officer at GroupM. Federico's journey through the world of human resources offers profound wisdom on career reflection, personal growth, and the true meaning of work. The Power of Reflection in Career Progression: Federico stresses the significance of regular reflection in one's career journey. He believes that taking the time to evaluate your experiences, challenges, and successes can provide invaluable insights. These insights often lead to personal growth and a clearer path to your next career milestone. Insider's Perspective on GroupM: Federico provides an engaging look into what it's like to work for GroupM, a renowned leader in media investment. He shares his experiences and the company's ethos, emphasizing the value of diversity and inclusion within the organization. Beyond the Paycheck: Finding Meaning in Your Work: Federico shares his perspective on the profound importance of finding meaning in your work beyond financial compensation. He highlights the role of purpose and personal fulfillment in career choices and how aligning your values with your career can lead to a more satisfying and meaningful professional life. Embracing a Meaningful Career Path: This episode with Federico Demarin guides us on how to shape our career path with purpose, reflection, and growth. His experiences, along with his commitment to finding meaning in work, provide a blueprint for those seeking a career that goes beyond a paycheck. #meaningoflife #meaningfulwork #careeradvice #groupm #chiefpeopleofficer #chro #selfreflection #wisdom

  • Puma and The Meaning of Work - Career Interview with a Senior Marketing Head

    Puma and The Meaning of Work - Career Interview with a Senior Marketing Head

    🎬 Join us for an exclusive conversation with Hermann Hassenstein, the Senior Head of Marketing at Puma, as he unravels the essence of work and shares his insights on the dynamic world of marketing. In this captivating interview, Hermann provides a unique perspective on the meaning of work, especially within the realm of marketing, shedding light on the passion and dedication required to thrive in this competitive industry. Learn more about The Life-solvers Group (HR business networking firm + Job Search Platform): Job Openings at Puma: 🌐 Dive into the journey of Puma's rise to becoming one of the world's most iconic household brands, guided by Hermann's strategic vision and innovative marketing approaches. Gain valuable insights into the challenges faced, milestones achieved, and the creative processes behind establishing and maintaining Puma's global prominence. 🚀 Explore the behind-the-scenes narrative of Hermann's role in shaping Puma's identity and market positioning, and how he played a pivotal role in turning it into a brand that resonates with millions worldwide. Whether you're a marketing enthusiast, aspiring professional, or simply curious about the stories behind renowned brands, this interview offers a front-row seat to the mind of a seasoned marketing expert. #marketing #puma #meaningfulwork #meaningoflife #careeradvice

  • Veterans, PTSD & Dogs - An NGO CEO's Meaningful Impact on Society

    Veterans, PTSD & Dogs - An NGO CEO's Meaningful Impact on Society

    We sit down with Carl Cricco, the CEO of K9s for Warriors, an NGO that connects Military Veterans with PTSD and service dogs. Learn more about The Life-solvers Group (HR business networking firm + Job Search Platform): J ob Openings at K9s for Warriors: 🎥 Explore the transformative journey with Carl Cricco, the visionary CEO of K9s for Warriors, in our latest interview. In this enlightening conversation, we delve into the profound impact that K9s for Warriors has on Military Veterans suffering from PTSD as they are paired with service dogs. Discover the heartwarming stories of resilience, companionship, and healing that unfold through this remarkable NGO. 🌟 Gain insights into Carl's inspiring mission and learn about the day-to-day operations of an NGO dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of those who have served our country. From the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated, we uncover the inner workings of K9s for Warriors and the dedication required to create positive societal change. #NGO #SocialImpact #Veterans #ServiceDogs #Inspiration #PTSD #careeradvice #meaningoflife

  • Season 2

  • Unique Career Interview - How to Switch From a Technical to Non-Technical Role

    Unique Career Interview - How to Switch From a Technical to Non-Technical Role

    Introduction: In this episode of The Meaningful Jobs Podcast, we sit down with Richard Connor, a seasoned professional in the manufacturing industry. Richard's journey is a testament to the profound impact of helping others in the workplace. Join us as we delve into how his career took shape through collaboration, teamwork, and a genuine commitment to assisting his colleagues. Learn more about The Life-solvers Group (HR business networking firm + Job Search Platform): Follow The Running Podcast: Instagram: @inspiretorunpodcast Website: Episode Highlights: A Helping Hand in Manufacturing: Richard shares his early experiences in the manufacturing industry, highlighting the importance of sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration. He discusses how helping others allowed him to build strong relationships within his team. From Technical to Marketing: Richard's career took an unexpected turn when he transitioned from a technical role to a non-technical marketing position within a manufacturing company. He explains the challenges he faced during this transition and how his ability to assist and communicate effectively played a crucial role. The Running Podcast: Beyond his manufacturing career, Richard is also the host of The Running Podcast. He talks about his passion for running and how he uses his podcast as a platform to help people lead healthier lives through this simple yet transformative activity. Building Advocates: Richard emphasizes the value of having advocates within your team. By helping others and fostering a culture of mutual support, he discovered that when he needed assistance or support, his colleagues were more than willing to step up. Finding Fulfillment: Through his experiences, Richard discovered that true career fulfillment comes from helping and connecting with others. He shares personal anecdotes and insights into the joy he finds in assisting colleagues, whether it's in the manufacturing industry or through his podcast. Conclusion: Richard Connor's career journey is a compelling story of how helping others can define and elevate your career. Whether in manufacturing or in life, the power of collaboration and mutual support is a force that can drive success and fulfillment. Join us for this insightful conversation about the transformative impact of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of others.

  • My Nearly Shattered American Dream from Romania

    My Nearly Shattered American Dream from Romania

    Prepare for an incredibly moving and inspiring episode of the Meaningful Jobs Podcast as we sit down with Serban Morea, a man who rose from a life of hardship and poverty to finding purpose and meaning in unexpected places. Serban shares his extraordinary journey from humble beginnings in Romania to achieving financial success in the US, only to realize that true fulfillment lies in a higher purpose beyond material wealth. Learn more about The Life-solvers Group (HR business networking firm + Job Search Platform): Episode Highlights: From Humble Origins to the American Dream: Serban takes us back to his childhood in Romania, where he struggled with poverty and scarcity. Determined to create a better life, he emigrated to the US in pursuit of the American dream. The Pursuit of Wealth: After establishing himself in the US and securing a promising IT job, Serban became fixated on financial success. He believed that accumulating wealth would ensure he never experienced poverty again. The Empty Feeling of Success: Despite achieving his financial goals, Serban found himself struggling with depression. He reflects on the emptiness he felt, realizing that money alone couldn't bring lasting happiness and purpose. Discovering a Higher Calling: Serban's transformative moment came when he recognized the importance of finding a higher purpose beyond material gains. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking fulfillment through a meaningful path. Becoming a Speaker and Advocate: Inspired by his own experiences, Serban became a motivational speaker, sharing his story to emphasize the significance of seeking purpose and meaning beyond financial achievements. Importance of Meaningful Work: Serban discusses the importance of aligning one's work with personal values and passions. He encourages listeners to find meaningful careers that resonate with their core beliefs. Join us for this powerful conversation with Serban Morea as he shares his touching tale of triumph over adversity and the profound realization that life's true riches are found in purpose, compassion, and service to others.