Episode notes

2022 has been an interesting year and as such had an impact in MC Anime Podcast as well. The year had drama, deaths, documentaries, apps, sports, and more in 2022. We use Google Trends in 2022 as perspective on these talking points and coverage in this episode. The popular topics of 2022 are Wordle, Will Smith VS Chris Rock, Queen Elizabeth & Betty White Passings, The World Cup, and Inventing Anna/ Tinder Swindler documentaries. Google global users searching online might be the source but that is only a fraction of 2022 moments. Finally, MC Anime Podcast had website generation, production staff, logo rebranding, podcast networking, and more all in 2022. Check out MC Anime Testimonials & Flashback for our unofficial tribute to MC Anime 2022 favorite moments. Here is Google Global Trends 2022 source directly

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