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Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher Podcast Marvin pierce has been doing obedience training for over 20 years and shares his experience in the field on this podcast. You will hear about obedience training tips and many other dog training discussions! Visit our website at

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Fearful Dogs

    Fearful Dogs

    Fearful dogs is an episode where Marvin and Bianca dive into the importance of understanding fearful behavior. Do you think your dog has fearful behavior? Contact us

  • Dogs and Resource Guarding


    Dogs and Resource Guarding


    Does your dog have challenges with resource guarding? This podcast should be able to provide you with some next steps on how to resolve these challenges. We've placed time stamps so you can listen in on specific sections of our dog training podcast where you might need help. Do you need help from a professional? Contact us at: www.marvinpiercedogteacher.com1 Minute | Marvin and Bianca off topic banter 3 Minutes | Introduction to Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher and what they do8 Minutes | Launch of the Podcast topic: Resource Guarding9 Minutes | Early Signs of Resource Guarding10 Minutes | Ways to prevent resource guarding. 13 Minutes | Preparing your dog for different situations. 15 Minutes | Trading for a higher value item? 19 Minutes | Feeding your dog in a kennel 23 Minutes | Getting dog training help when you need it 26 Minutes | Working with kids and food34 Minutes | Prevent resource guarding with older dogs 39 Minutes | A dog that owns you59 Minutes | Podcast key point review1 Hour | Thank you to the Newberg Animal Shelter and Wine and Whiskers For free visual dog training resources visit us on Youtube at: marvinpiercedogteacher6794

  • Not For The Faint of Heart

    Not For The Faint of Heart

    Marvin discusses that he shares with people how it is so they can become better dog owners. This is one thing that many people value about Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher. Do you need dog training help? Contact us at:www.marvinpiercedogteacher.comVisit our Youtube for free visual dog training resources@marvinpiercedogteacher6794

  • Coming back home

    Coming back home

    Coming back home is an episode where Bianca comes back from Mississippi. She went to visit a great friend Jared Lee. Follow us to get more free dog training content from our podcast.Find us on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube for more dog training content.

  • Feeding your dog

    Feeding your dog

    Do you read the label on the dog food that you get? We discuss how this can one of the many helpful tips on feeding your dog.Do you need help with dog training? Contact us