SmartTechCheck Podcasts

by Mark Vena

Listen to Mark Vena's podcasts with the industry luminaries, noted tech journalists and surprise guests about today's hottest topics and trends in the technology space. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E49 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E49 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    A quick SmartTech Check podcast interview with HP's Mary Beth Walker, the company's Global Head of Channel Strategy, where we discuss HP's Amplify Impact program and its sustainability commitment to its channel partnersSubscribe t...

  • S03 E48 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E48 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    There's nothing more important than the safety of children, which is why this SmartTechCheck Podcast with Calix and Bark CMO Titania is so important.....parental social media monitoring can make all the difference; Calix's work wi...

  • S03 E47 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E47 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    On this SmartTechCheck Podcast, tech journalists Rob Pegararo, Stewart Wolpin, John Quain and I talk up MWC 2023, the recent Supreme Court hearing on Section 230, the EU's pressure on Apple to open up iMessage on non-Apple platfor...

  • S03 E46 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E46 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    On this SmartTechCheck Podcast, tech journalists Dwight Silverman and Stewart Wolpin opine on the new Apple HomePods, the Biden Administration ban on Apple Watch, ChatGPT madness and whether Intel's Uniison app rises to the occasi...

  • S03 E45 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    S03 E45 - SmartTechCheck Podcast

    On this week's SmartTechCheck podcast, tech journalists Rob Pegoraro, Stewart Wolpin and I discuss the commoditization of the smartphone market, tech industry battles with the Federal government, the rise of ChatCPT and Bard, and ...