Maritime Matters

by Northeast Maritime Institute

Maritime Matters is the official podcast of the Northeast Maritime Institute - College of Maritime Science and was re-launched in April 2020. The podcast promotes dialogue through our shared connections to the sea. Featuring interviews with mariners, military personnel, entrepreneurs and maritime enthusiasts alike - Maritime Matters unveils the role the sea plays in all our lives and even if we don't work in the maritime indus ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 11 - Len Tchorz

    Episode 11 - Len Tchorz

    Morgan talks with Fairhaven resident Len Tchorz about his experience in the New Bedford fishing fleet. At 93 years old, Len discusses the differences and similarities in the maritime industry then vs. now as he shares an abundance of sea stories and life experiences with us.

  • Season 1

  • Episode 10 - Captain Jeff MacDonough

    Episode 10 - Captain Jeff MacDonough

    Morgan talks with College of Maritime Science alumnus and current instructor Captain Jeff MacDonough. They discuss the uniqueness of the college program, what it takes to obtain a Captain's license, the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol RI, and delivering maritime education during COVID-19.

  • Episode 9 - Rett Newton and Eric R. Dawicki

    Episode 9 - Rett Newton and Eric R. Dawicki

    Morgan and Eric talk with Beaufort NC Mayor Everett (Rett) Newton. Rett is a retired Air Force Colonel and a PhD candidate at Duke University, studying at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort. He's passionate about people, the maritime heritage and industry that drives Beaufort, and doing good for his community.

  • Episode 8 - Captain Janet Urbanowicz

    Episode 8 - Captain Janet Urbanowicz

    Morgan talks with Captain Janet Urbanowicz. Janet is a former Nurse turned Captain! A love and passion for the sea led her to change careers and pursue her dream of working on the water. She is a talented delivery captain and boat handler, making journeys to all sorts of different destinations on different vessels.

  • Episode 7 - Saji Zagha

    Episode 7 - Saji Zagha

    Morgan talks with Saji, a Palestinian entrepreneur based out of Germany. Saji is a former participant of The Fairhaven Project, a conflict resolution program between Israeli and Palestinian high school students and run by the Northeast Maritime Institute and US Department of State. The project involved bringing the students onboard Brigantine Fritha, the NMI tall-ship, and teaching them sail training and conflict resolution skills. His company Noor Medical focuses on frugal innovation, natural building and healthcare and provides solutions to developing regions in Sub-Saharan Africa.