Bonus Episode - Death In Her Hands by Otessa Moshfegh

Mapping the Zone: A Thomas Pynchon discussion podcast by Thomas Pynchon books discussed here!

Episode notes

Did you enjoy learning about books written by women in the modern literary landscape when Kate went on a long monologue about them several months ago? Have you potentially been pining for another installment ever since you heard the final dulcet tones of her voice tell you about Julia Armfield's masterpiece? No? Well, either way, she's done it again. Except now it's about OTTESSA MOSHFEGH, everyone's favorite social-media-propagated female author (the writer of this description does not acknowledge Colleen Hoover as a viable candidate for this title). Kate (who happens to be the writer of this description) hopes that her newest monologue on women in publishing, this time made with the aid of intensive allergy medication (she thought she had a cold, turns out her body's ability to withstand pollen is just terrible), is just as entertaining as all  ... 

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