BanklessCard is Shipping! | DAO launch partners and more with Links (Al Mithani) and NFThinker (Chris Biele)

Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast by BanklessDAO

Episode notes

Today's guests are Al Mithani and Chris Biele, aka Links and NFThinker. They're here to share some exciting news about Bankless Card, a core project at BanklessDAO.




02:20 Ship status and initial feature set

05:40 So you’re partnering with a… bank?

08:50 Rewards and opportunities - what to expect

13:40 A core difference - you are a stakeholder

16:35 Launch partners and availability

17:50 Nouns DAO - the what and why

25:20 Marketing campaigns coinciding with card launch

30:50 Summary and closing


Today's Host - Droste

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