All About TLBANK with IcedCool

Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast by BanklessDAO

Episode notes

IcedCool is a longtime core contributor at BanklessDAO and has been with BanklessDAO since its inception over two years ago. Iced has contributed in multiple areas including the Developer Guild and Operations, as well as Treasury & Tokenomics.

He previously appeared on Making Bank to discuss tokenomics and a bit of his personal story on Episode 39 (December, 2022). Today he returns to Making Bank to talk specifically about a new primitive he and the Tokenomics team have been working on that will help facilitate governance, contributor retention, and more. That new primitive is tlBANK.


01:30 The original BANK token and what it represents

03:30 What is tlBank and what is its purpose?

07:30 Transferability

10:45 Planned V2 features and ideas

13:00 Why Time

18:00 Discussi ... 

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