Bankless Japan, Women in Web3, and WonderVerse | Ed On (aka JackAlpha)

Making Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast by BanklessDAO

Episode notes

Today’s guest is Ed On, aka jackalpha in Discord. Ed studied civil engineering, so he’s a bridge builder in the literal and metaphorical sense. Just prior to getting into web3, he worked as a web2 product manager at Samsung.

Ed is on the core team at Bankless Japan, part of the IMN or International Media Nodes at BanklessDAO. He also works on and Wonder builds the WonderVerse, which is collaboration tooling for web3 communities to manage projects, proposals, and grants seamlessly in one place.

A few months ago he co-presented with Yuki_xyz during BUIDL week, a hackathon at EthDenver in Colorado. And he was recently in Japan, attending DAO Tokyo and EthTokyo where he met  ... 

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