Make the Connection

by Jennifer Stevens

Each month we’ll be sharing our tips to help you connect and succeed in public affairs, strategic communications, events and beyond.

Podcast episodes

  • Trust Based Philanthropy

    Trust Based Philanthropy

    Communicate early and often. This is key to philanthropic fundraising success and nonprofits need support now more than ever. Organizations need to meet donors where they are, build trust with their supporters, and cultivate strong two-way relationships.

  • Getting Back to Live Events

    Getting Back to Live Events

    Live events. They provide organizations with the opportunity to have personal interactions with their supporters, which is critical to the success of their mission. In 2021, live events may be scaled back, but they will be back and better than ever.

  • Keeping Your Brand on Track

    Keeping Your Brand on Track

    Brands evolve. Market competition changes, leadership pursues a rebrand, or an unexpected crisis occurs. Brand consistency is vital to remain effective and relevant in every situation—what story are you telling, how are you reaching your audience, and how are you managing your reputation.

  • Aligning Giving to Mission

    Aligning Giving to Mission

    Mission should be at the center of your brand. As a company, you decide what you stand for, what you support, and how you will make an impact on your community and beyond. Every company wants to do good, but a steadfast set of values can help you approach the important practice of aligning giving to your business mission.

  • The Future of Philanthropy

    The Future of Philanthropy

    “I hope the good found you and that the great awaits.” This year may have brought challenges, losses, and uncertainties, but as we wrap up 2020, we are struck with the shining moments of generosity and humanity that created powerful support for so many in need. People have continued to give to the missions they believe in and have proven that optimism truly does exist in philanthropy.