Maia Musings

by Gabrielle Mastronardo

Welcome to Maia Musing, where we dive deep into conversations with those who live consciously and embrace the philosophy of "better me equals better we." Join us as we explore both the inner and outer worlds of our inspiring guests, uncovering the practices and perspectives that help them lead intentional, connected lives. Let's embark on this journey of growth and discovery together.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Love Cafe: A journey through shame and toxic cycles to a life of intention and purpose

    Love Cafe: A journey through shame and toxic cycles to a life of intention and purpose

    Kaleigh Atkinson, owner of Love Cafe & Ashtanga MKE, shares her journey of self-discovery, travel, and the exploration of inner and outer worlds. She discusses her experiences with Ashtanga yoga, meditation, and the impact of toxic relationships. Kaleigh also delves into her work with the community and the creation of the 'One Minute Remaining' podcast, which aims to correct the narrative around people with criminal records. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the practice of yoga, childhood experiences, personal growth, and the creation of Love Cafe. It delves into the impact of yoga and meditation on personal well-being, the influence of childhood experiences on adult life, and the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The conversation also explores the inspiration behind Love Cafe and its mission to promote conscious living and wellness. Takeaways The power of community and the impact of Ashtanga yoga on personal growth. The journey of self-discovery through travel and exploration of inner and outer worlds. The impact of toxic relationships and the process of healing and self-empowerment. The importance of correcting the narrative around people with criminal records and the role of storytelling in creating understanding and empathy. The practice of yoga and meditation can have a profound impact on personal well-being and mental clarity. Childhood experiences can foreshadow and influence adult life, leading to self-discovery and empowerment. The creation of Love Cafe is inspired by the mission to promote conscious living, wellness, and self-discovery through accessible and inclusive practices. Living consciously involves embodying personal truth, following inner guidance, and inspiring others to raise their vibration and consciousness. Chapters 00:00Journey of Self-Discovery and Ashtanga Yoga 03:14Exploration of Inner and Outer Worlds 08:17Vipassana Experience and Impact on Life 14:23Creating 'One Minute Remaining' Podcast 27:22Influence of Childhood Experiences on Adult Life 37:08The Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment 44:25Inspiration Behind Love Cafe and Conscious Living Love Cafe MKE Website Instagram Ashtanga Yoga MKE Website Instagram