Magnitude Inc.'s Marketing & Communications Podcast

by Thomas Laurie

Magnitude's President (Leona Laurie) and Head of Content (Marcia Simmons) break down the month's events in marketing and social media, and maybe have a little fun, too.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • MMMM - Episode 1

    MMMM - Episode 1

    Hello! In our inaugural episode of Magnitude's Monthly Marketing Mix, Leona and Marcia discuss Elon Musk heaping pressure on the cracks in Twitter's foundation. How are brands and communities reacting to the uncertainty? How are other platforms handling the Twitter vagrants? What is Goncharov?

  • Episode 3 - SXSW

    Episode 3 - SXSW

    This week: Leona and Marcia break down entry into South by Southwest. How to go, why to go, and what to do while you're there; it's all covered in this episode!

  • Episode 2 - AI

    Episode 2 - AI

    To kick off 2023, Leona and Marcia discuss AI: its depiction in the media, its role in marketing, its strengths and its weaknesses.