The Joyful Mysteries of the Lord’s life from the Holy Land

Magdala Presents The Rosary From The Holy Land by Magdala

Episode notes

First Joyful Mystery of Christ’s life: The Annunciation at Nazareth in Galilee.

In Nazareth, we see nestled inside the Church of the Annunciation, the small ancient cave-house where Mary lived in that tiny village. Here she received the messenger from God, the Lord of all the universe, revealing his desire to become flesh through her consent.

Second Joyful Mystery of Christ’s life: The Visitation of Mary with her cousin Elizabeth who was expecting John the Baptist

The picturesque town of Ein Karem is nestled in hill-country of Judea close to Jerusalem. Mary may have encountered Elizabeth at the well of her home within a vineyard, the remains of both of which are protected inside the lower lever of the two-story Church of the Visitation, on a hillside overlooking Ein Karem’s beautiful gard ... 

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