Made For Me FitnessExplicit

by Liz King

Liz King has been a certified personal trainer for 9 years and the creator of Made For Me Fitness. This podcast digs deeper into topics about fitness, nutrition and mental health to uncover why we do the things we do and how we can help change our behaviors to be successful in our fitness journeys.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E25 - How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

    S01 E25 - How To Stay On Track During The HolidaysExplicit

    Liz addresses how to overcome the overwhelming stress and impact the holidays can have on your fitness journey and what getting back on track with your routine should really be like!

  • S01 E24 - How To Build The Perfect Routine

    S01 E24 - How To Build The Perfect RoutineExplicit

    In this episode, Liz breaks down the reality of building an effective and sustainable fitness routine. Focusing on the fundamental aspects of what actually drives you to create better habits and how to reinforce them through posit...

  • S01 E23 - Creating Confidence

    S01 E23 - Creating ConfidenceExplicit

    This week, Liz talks about what it truly means to have confidence and how you can create it through your fitness journey. Unconventionally of course.

  • S01 E22 - Breaking The Binge

    S01 E22 - Breaking The BingeExplicit

    In this episode, Liz speaks about binge eating and gives tips on how to overcome the binge/ restrict cycle within your fitness journey.

  • S01 E21 - The truth about pilates.

    S01 E21 - The truth about pilates.Explicit

    This week Liz dissects the pilates trend that that has taken over social media, what makes a workout program work and how to know if its a program that works for you!