Advancing Visual Performance, Post Cataract and Throughout the Lifespan

The Macular Health Podcast by MacuHealth

Episode notes

By Dr. Parikh. Mihir (“Max”) Parikh, MD is the Medical Director, NVISION Eye Centers in La Jolla.

Being the San Diego and Los Angeles Charger’s Team Ophthalmologist since 2003 and the founding partner of the Advanced Ophthalmology Institute in 1999, Dr. Parikh knows the value of precision and the importance of outcomes in vision enhancing surgery. Having undergone the LASIK surgery himself in the year 2000, he uniquely understands the perspectives of both the patient and the surgeon.

Dual fellowship trained in refractive surgery/anterior segment surgery and Board-certified since the start of the century, Dr. Parikh has now performed over 25,000 refractive procedures. His impressive patient list includes his immediate family, fellow eye doctors and numerous NFL players and coaches. He specializes in LASIK, PRK, Corneal Inl ... 

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