CHA's Truth Seeker Podcast

by Michelle Dickey

Consulting for Heightened Awareness's (CHA's) Truth Seeker Podcast is bringing you real world-connections to the spiritual realm, similar to what we do on the Patreon channel with the exception of several rabbit hole findings. You can also tune in for the live streams on YouTube only every Tuesday, God-willing, around 2:30 pm ET. The first 28 episodes are from the YouTube live streams while the rest are for these platforms.  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Upsetting the Apple Cart

    Upsetting the Apple Cart

    As we continue to navigate this new life in God's reality, the spiritual awakening, we begin to learn more about how we have been lied to since birth about a lot of things. We realize that we have been subjected to narcissistic abuse our entire lives and it takes time to sort through the confusion (aka cognitive dissonance) to make sense of what is happening all around us. We also learn that we co-create our reality in God's reality. As we begin to learn more of God's spiritual truths regarding the abuse, we upset the apple cart by exposing the wicked behaviors of narcissistic abusers. Bringing darkness to light is not for the faint at heart! Website CHA Academy Courses & Memberships CHA's Social Platforms

  • The Abundance Reality

    The Abundance Reality

    In this episode, we are covering more about the importance of developing that abundance mindset to stop thinking of "less than" and recognizing that God is "more than enough." We stop believing the lies and deceit of the narcissistic matrix with their fear-mongering messages that trick many into playing themselves. Chosen ones know how to switch it up when God says to switch it up! There is no lack in God's kingdom. The abundance reality is God's reality. WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms

  • Attention Seeking & Cutting off Distractions

    Attention Seeking & Cutting off Distractions

    Diving more into social media and attention-seeking! We are not bashing social media at all, we are exposing the narcissistic abusers on these platforms and the narcissistic behaviors of some platforms with inconsistency. Plus, we learn that their attention-seeking is to try and distract us from what God has called us to do and we don't let them distract us. Distractions are many and the enemy loves to use them as a tool to keep us from doing what God needs us to do. Narcissism is the work of the devil; it is his favorite game to play on the world stage. WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms

  • Seeing Beyond the Physical with the Mind Games

    Seeing Beyond the Physical with the Mind Games

    Diving into seeing beyond the physical and into the spiritual post-narcissistic abuse regarding these mind games the fallen world and narcissistic abusers like to play. We learn to catch onto the enemy's games and we stop playing. As we become more aware, we notice more things and we learn how to be strategic like our Heavenly Father. We are not falling for mind games anymore!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms

  • No Eye has Seen nor Ear has Heard!

    No Eye has Seen nor Ear has Heard!

    We learn that many out here do not have the ability to understand sound doctrine. When God turns them over to a reprobate mind, they will not receive His spiritual truths. The sleepers will not hear sound doctrine and they will dismiss simplicity. Narcissistic abusers refuse to accept Jesus as their one and only Savior! They think that "man" can save them, staying dependent on all things external. Plus, more about the spiritual awakening to help you level up your healing and spiritual growth!WebsiteCHA Academy Courses & MembershipCHA's Social Platforms