Revving Up: Apple's Titan Project and the Road to an iCar | Luton Geek Cuts EP3

Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales & Agile Antics by Jamie Dennis & Darren Bowling

Episode notes

In the third episode of our Geek Cuts series where we look into the the last tech news and trends, this week we discuss the intriguing prospect of Apple getting into the car industry with its Titan Project.

We debate the potential risks of autonomous cars, whilst also exploring the pro's. As the conversation unfolds, the question of how safe people will feel with self-driving vehicles and who becomes liable in the event of the car having an accident?

Other areas of discussion are can this become a way to monetize your car by letting almost act like a taxi for others when not in use for yourself? Of course, we also chat a little bit about our home town - Luton and a gem of a live music venue called 'The Bear Club', so go check it out as it is awesome.

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