Apple Vision Pro - How slobby will society get? | Luton Geek Cuts EP1

Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales & Agile Antics by Jamie Dennis & Darren Bowling

Episode notes

In between recording our next series of our Vlogcast, we have had some brief chats, which we have imaginatively named 'Geek Cuts'. To mix things up and make a change from our usual format, these bite sized pieces of content will see us looking at the latest stories within the world of tech and discussing the potential impact to the wider world.

In this first 'Geek Cut' we will be discussing the newly announced Apple Vision Pro, a supposed revolutionary piece of tech, or massive goggles combined with a snorkel as Darren puts it. We will share our initial thoughts on the potential drawbacks and positives this immersive technology can give. Darren and Jamie also ponder whether this innovation could eventually spell the end for traditional television and cinema, basically ending up like how humans are in the Pi ... 

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