Luton Geeks | Episode 4: Designing Engaging Content with Tajha Myer

Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales & Agile Antics by Jamie Dennis & Darren Bowling

Episode notes

Welcome back to Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales and Agile Antics! In this episode, we embark on a journey into the realm of content creation, design, and strategy. Join us, Darren and Jamie, as we engage in a captivating conversation with the very talented content expert, Tajha Myer.

This episode explores the fascinating world of digital content creation and its evolution over the years. We delve into Tajha's experiences, insights and wisdom, offering a glimpse into the art of designing engaging content in the modern digital landscape.

Kicking off the conversation, Jamie delves into Tajha's transition from journalism to digital content. How does working with digital content differ, especially considering her extensive background? The exploration of this transition opens up a treasure trove of insights for those intrigued by the evol ... 

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