Luton Geeks | Episode 2: The Path To a Digital Job Is Changing!

Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales & Agile Antics by Jamie Dennis & Darren Bowling

Episode notes

Welcome back to Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales and Agile Antics! In this second episode, we are diving deep into the origins of our digital journeys; how we went from tech-loving kids to the tech professionals we are today. Join us, Darren and Jamie, as we embark on another unfiltered and unscripted adventure into the heart of the tech sector.

In "Where it began," we rewind to the early chapters of our tech narratives. Darren reminisces about his childhood fascination with technology. From tinkering with gadgets to playfully dismantling his dad's friend's home PC (accidentally, of course!), Darren's journey into the digital realm was fuelled by curiosity.

Jamie's tale takes a twist through an unexpected avenue: football. A trajectory that was as crazy as it was bizarre, which eventually led him to his path into the world of digital ... 

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