Luton Geeks | Episode 1: Our Tech Journey and Unveiling Our Origins

Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales & Agile Antics by Jamie Dennis & Darren Bowling

Episode notes

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Luton Geeks Unplugged: Tech Tales and Agile Antics! In this unfiltered vlogcast - yes we call it a vlogcast, join us; Darren and Jamie, as we delve into the world of technology with unedited honesty, candid conversations, and intriguing insights. As ardent tech enthusiasts, we're on a mission to demystify the tech sector and share our experiences, unearthing genuine stories from the industry's heart.

In this episode, we sit down to unravel the "why" behind Luton Geeks Unplugged. Hosted by Darren and Jamie, seasoned professionals in the tech world, we discuss the industry's landscape and the need for agnostic, unsponsored content that truly resonates. Our journey isn't just about gadgets and gizmos; it's about unearthing the stories and lessons that have shaped us.

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