Love in Los Angeles

by Love in Los Angeles

A new podcast from two certified non-experts in dating, LOVE IN LOS ANGELES chronicles stories about romance, relationships and falling in love in the City of Angels. Join us for special guest discussions about horror stories, happy endings, and the unique journey of navigating relationships in LA.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • We Discuss "Love is Blind" Season 6

    We Discuss "Love is Blind" Season 6

    Could you fall in love through a wall? This season of Netflix's "Love is Blind" broke viewing records as the highest streamed of all time, but only one couple made it past the altar to say "I do." We dish on all the couples and our favorite moments in this episode.

  • "We don't have chemistry."

    "We don't have chemistry."

    How do you define a "spark"? Can a relationship survive on mutual attraction? In this episode, we talk about the invisible magnetism that pulls two people together, and if it's reliable or fleeting. Our report cards are in and after these dates, we've both got an F in Chemistry.

  • We Went Speed Dating

    We Went Speed Dating

    We're back, world! We spent an evening speed dating some of LA's eligible bachelors in the Arts District. Was it a success or a bust? Find out in today's episode.

  • I Was Lovebombed


    I Was Lovebombed


    In this episode, we talk with two people who experienced lovebombing, a serious and scary part of relationships. We define what lovebombing is, hear about their experiences, and how they sought help. We also cover what you can do if you or someone you know is experiencing lovebombing and needs help. Resources: National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE (7233) /

  • I'm Dating in a Pandemic, Part 2


    I'm Dating in a Pandemic, Part 2


    (Recorded in February 2021) Last time we talked about dating in a pandemic, we heard from people who hit the dating pool in a new environment -- but this episode's guests found themselves hit by the COVID-19 quarantine rules in the middle of their new relationships. We're joined by Trista and Brandi who endured everything from contracting COVID to rogue Amazon deliveries with their partners.