Love & Understanding

by John Driggs

In Love & Understanding, the goal is wisdom. John Driggs, the show's host, is interested in building a personal and secular spiritual life - one that is grounded in honesty, humility, science, reason, meditation, reflection, contemplation, and compassion. John wants you to know yourself, to love yourself, to embody yourself fully. He wants you to learn to walk  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    In this episode, John shares a personal reflection on gratitude.

  • Moral Tyranny

    Moral Tyranny

    In this episode, we'll continue our exploration of the question of good and evil by examining Plato's political and moral theory of tyranny. We will then contrast this to the political theory of Athens, under the leadership of Pericles, which we learned about in the last episode titled "Who Decides What Is Right & Wrong?".

  • Who Decides What is Good & Evil?

    Who Decides What is Good & Evil?

    In this episode, we will explore the foundation of our morality. We've seen how the Greeks came to better understand the physical world, as well as things like happiness. But we haven't asked if and how we can come to better understand our own morality. How do we know what is right and wrong or good and evil?

  • On Friendship


    On Friendship


    In this episode, John explores the topic of friendship. In his commitment to meet death for a year, one of the main insights he has gathered is that, when we imagine ourselves looking back on our lives from our deathbed, what matters most is our relationships. He then reflects on one of his most influential relationships.

  • The Art of Self-Inquiry

    The Art of Self-Inquiry

    In this episode, we explore the self. First, we'll examine the self through a conceptual investigation. And then, to end the episode, we'll look directly at our own experience to see who or what knows.