E02 - The addiction cycle

Love Always Wins by David M Hazen
David offers how we might see connection with others in the midst of suffering and disconnection, then presents a map for detangling the addiction process: where it begins and where it repeats again and again because unresolved pain always returns after a temporary numbing.Please send comments and questions to lovealwayswins.us@gmail.comB  ...  See more
Jan 13 2023

Welcome to Love Always Wins. My name is David Hazen. Here’s the gist of my messsage: Humanity cannot thrive, let alone survive as a species, on this spaceship earth in a state of confusion about the cause of violence and self-destruction, which is a profound feeling of disconnection from other people, themselves, nature and spirit.
There’s a good book that describes this phenomena, “Lost Connections,” listed in the show notes.

Last week, I shared a little about how I came to realize I am a recovering violent person, how important it is to me that I am not alone in my illness of violent thinking, also how returning to health is possible for everyone. This week I want to detangle the addiction process so you can see where it begins and where it repeats again and again. In a later podcast,

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