E12 - 'Lorna Lloyd's Poetry' Episode 4

Diary of the war by Platform to Platform

This is episode 4 of Lorna Lloyd’s poetry, a bonus episode of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’. This episode features Lorna’s poetry from the early 1940s.

May 10 2022

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As well as her Diary of the war, Lorna Lloyd left other pieces of writing, including stories, plays and poetry. In this bonus episode Bethany Ray reads some of Lorna’s poems. They date from the 1920s to the months before Lorna’s early death in 1942.
This is episode 4 of Lorna 's poetry.

Small, golden, a wisp of woman-hood
In the dark, distant future a woman grown
Kicking, square-toed at scythed stubble
By Death mown down
Eyes wonder. I straddle a crater
Ploughed by a bursting shell
Grey in my hand and cup-like
Part of a skull
Laughing I let it fall
Stabat Mater dolorosa
Juxta cruces lachrymosa
Dum pendebat filius
O, but this bone is cheap that grows from a woman
Blind in the womb to pitiful birth
Cheaper than bullet or steel for destroyi

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