E09 - 'Lorna Lloyd's Poetry' Episode 1

Diary of the war by Platform to Platform

This is episode 1 of Lorna Lloyd’s poetry, a bonus episode of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’. This episode features Lorna’s poetry from 1928 to 1930.

May 10 2022

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As well as her Diary of the war, Lorna Lloyd left other pieces of writing, including stories, plays and poetry. In this bonus episode Bethany Ray reads some of Lorna’s poems. They date from the 1920s to the months before Lorna’s early death in 1942.
This is episode 1 of Lorna 's poetry.

One friend to another
Me thought I found amid the careless throng
One such as I should wish my friend to be
One, who would stand by me through right and wrong
Friend! thou’lt not fail when I have need of thee!
What tho’ we be rivals, Let it be!
Are not all men rivals? Is not life a race?
The one true winner of life’s race is he
Who helps a fallen neighbour to a safer place
Not his the laurels on the victor’s crown
Not his the triumph or the pageantry
The heave

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